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This is a blog that contains nothing more than open letters to my younger self who was struggling with a dysfunctional family environment dominated by a mother who was severely wounded by her own childhood.  These letters are a way for me to connect with the feelings I was not permitted to express while growing up… and to let them go.  I don’t need to carry these with me anymore.  But the process of expressing empathy with the child I was allows me to feel now what I needed back then… forgiveness for being human.

If you find some connection in these letters, I hope that you also find some healing.  For those of you who are still in an environment like the one these letters describe… I hope that one day, you allow yourself the opportunity to feel for yourself and for others what is so hard for you to find right now:  Love, patience, and compassion.  You do not need to earn these feelings.  You are worthy of them simply by existing.  But it will be a journey for you to believe this.  I wish you the best.

Here are all of the Letters listed by most recent to oldest.  It might help to read from the bottom up… or perhaps not.  I trust you to figure it out.


Be diligent. Scrape the gray sky clean. Realize every dark cloud is a smoke screen meant to blind us from the truth, and the truth is, whether we see them or not - the sun and moon are still there and always there is light.

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